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Terms of Business



 This service exclusively serves the real estate business scope and the scopes that are usually connected with it.
Offers / advertisements
 We reserve ourselves to transfer with us registered offers to our partners. Each advertiser agrees the use of data, texts or pictures by us for advertising purposes, independently of it whether only the offer, a category or this service is applied.
 This site uses cookies. By using our website, do you agree to the use of cookies.
We use cookies to, to improve our service; to present our content to better; the evaluation of visitor flows; to present advertising; to submit offers; to inform about changes or new additions; save your activities on the website
 The provider is not responsible for the topicality, completeness and accuracy of the information provided. Distances are approximate and can differ in nature.
For linked external pages is the responsibility of the respective vendors / site operators. If any inadmissible contents should appear despite the examination, these will be immediately deleted after becoming known.
 Each advertiser explains that he has the rights to use at the pictures and texts stopped by him and these publish may.
All texts and pictures on our server are owned by the advertisers, who can exclusively use them. Copies, also partial ones, are only permitted with our or the owner's strict agreement.
 It is strictly forbidden to include data, pages, images or texts, completely or in parts, on other internet sites or any other external data sources without a well marked reference.
 All data will be secured and protected to best knowledge and according to the state of the technology.In case of loss of data or larceny, despite all precautions, neither the owner nor any third party may lay any liability claims to us or sue for damages.
 Invoices immediately become due, at the latest within 10 days. Invoice provided only in EUR. For North and South America, the currency is US$.
In case of any returned debit entry, a fee about EUR/US$ 17.85 is charged.
If, despite reminder, the invoice should not be paid within the prescribed time limit, we reserve ourselves the right to close the account liable to pay the costs (EUR/US$ 50. --) until all outstanding amounts have been paid.
Should exist justified doubts about the credit status, we reserve ourselves the right to activate future and current entries only for cash in advance.
Deleting of data
 We reserve ourselves the right to immediately delete data which do not meet the narrower or wider sense of this service or which are prohibited by law. Paid amounts are not refunded.
 Solely responsible for the texts shown in the forum are the authors. We reserve ourselves the right to delete texts if they offend against current laws or they despise human beings, are criminal or racist, or are anti-women/anti-men.Persons who do not respect these rules or who offend against morals, will also be excluded without any right to claim damages.
Contract Period
 Singl listings can be renewed during the term. Duration contracts are automatically extended with the contract period, unless terminated in due time.
Any Tariff change can be pre-ordered in the contract management any time. This will then automatically be used for the next contract renewal.
 Contracts can be canceled anytime to the end of the contract term. The notice periods for the respective contracts are visible online in the contract management. Contracts without certain maturity (pay-per-use, pre-paid) can be canceled at anytime. Termination can be made in the contract management online.
Singl advertisements will terminate automatically, without the need for termination for.
We are entitled at any time to terminate in accordance with the respective notice periods the contract.
In case of improper use of our service we are legitimated to terminate without notice. The contracting party can not claim for damages in that case.
 All users recognize that any lawsuit resulting from this service will be solved under German right.
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